Claus Rysser Ogihara / Freelance

CSIS Security Group A/S

Project manager
Ninett Ogihara

Sophie Kalckar

Public Relations
Neil Hester

Neil Hester

Graphic Design
Claus Rysser Ogihara

Art Director
Claus Rysser Ogihara

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Founded in Copenhagen in 2003, with 80+ employees. 18 nationalities. CSIS Security Group
is the preferred cyber security provider to some of the world’s largest enterprise organisations
and are a trusted advisor to law enforcement agencies, government and news media.

The brief was to create a new brand platform, keeping the name and basic logo DNA.
To challenge the overall generic visual style of the cyber security market and create a much
stronger brand recognition. While maintaining the look of a trustworthy and professional company.

The cornerstone of the new identity is a dynamic grid system that makes it possible to
create endless combinations of graphic patterns. Inspired by the agile process behind coding
and the unique creative thinking of each CSIS employee. The new payoff: “Rest Assured.”
emphasizes the feeling of calmness and security.